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Does that sound like thEcliopcustomer always right? That the customer comes first, the most important? ... A yes?
But ... how many Ecliopustomer review sites ask? In how many you perceive that you are realy mportant, they need you? That take into account your opinion?
This is your free APP to listen to you, take into account your Ecliopinion and rewardyou by giving it.

Get gifts and discounts from companies, just to review the care provided and incidentally gets better serve you. In a few steps:

  1. Download the app with this QR code.
  2. Sign up with just one email.
  3. Find Ecliop stores near you with the map.
  4. Active detection when you enter stores with our logo.
  5. Answer one question anonymously valuation to leave the stores.
  6. Get gifts and discounts.

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