Help for employees

Make the most of Ecliop in a few simple steps:

  1. Download the mobile application for enterprises (EcliopEmpresa) with this QR code.
  2. Receive notifications with the number of customers in your local.
  3. Recognize the QR code promotions from your local.

Learn how on the video.

If you want to know how customers use Ecliop click here


Receive notifications and recognizing promotion QR codes

How customer can use Ecliop

Tool to improve customer service

Sevilla began an experience that will benefit us all. We offer facilities this reliable tool to improve customer service and promotion. Customers will receive better care, and discounts and freebies for rating the care provided.

In the video we explain why Ecliop is effective, reliable, easy and free. You can register directly on the form that appears below, but if you still have doubts, consult resources before or contact us.


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